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About Barbacoa Pools

‘Call Our Service Line and Talk Directly to One of Our Service Technicians’

Barbacoa Pool Services, based in North Vancouver BC was formed with you in mind. Since 1992, this family owned and operated business has always strived to put the customer first. Our goal is to meet the individual needs of swimming pool owners by being a more reliable and efficient service company.

At Barbacoa Pool Services we pride ourselves on being fully qualified to handle all aspects of your swimming pool and equipment. A call to our service line will put you directly in touch with our service department. Often one of our technicians is in your area and can respond to your inquiries the same day. For prompt attention to your pool needs, please call our service line 778-822-8814.

Barbacoa Pools Ltd.

999 West 3rd Street,
North Vancouver BC V7P 1E4
Service Line: 778-822-8814
Account information: 604-986-0165