Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

‘With Regular Maintenance You Spend Less Time Working on Your Pool’

To make sure that you get the most out of your swimming pool we recommend that careful attention be paid to properly maintaining your pool at all times. At Barbacoa, we will develop a maintenance program to meet your individual needs, and to keep your pool and equipment in good working order. This program will include the maintenance of all aspects of your pool and equipment room, and any service required for other pool accessories such as diving boards and ladders.

With regular maintenance you can be confident that your pool’s water chemistry, temperature, and cleanliness are kept in perfect balance giving you and your guests the best swimming experience in a healthy environment. A chemically well-balanced pool will also help to protect the pool surface and pool equipment from damage. If left unattended, pool water will become unbalanced and will erode the pool surface and corrode any metals found in the equipment such as heater cores and light niches. The added bonus of a regular maintenance schedule is that you spend less time working on your pool, and more time relaxing in it!

Our pool maintenance programs include:

  • Vacuum and brush pool
  • Clean tiles
  • Backwash filter
  • Clean out skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean pool accessories (diving board, slide, ladder)
  • Chemical checks
  • Monitor pool equipment
  • Deliver chemical supplies


Part of your own regular maintenance routine should always be to ensure that all safety equipment is in place and in good working order. Your pool should also be secure and supervised, especially with young children present.

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